Ticket Information 

Ticket sales are simple easy and worry-free. Square Circle Productions provides online processing for all ticket sales. You never have to collect money. Pass out tickets, find lost tickets or refund tickets.  All that is handled for you. Did I mention this EASY money?  All you need to do is send home with your students the reminders to purchase tickets. The assembly (along with this KIT), will generate a real enthusiasm for ticket sales.

Pre-Sale Tickets

Pre-sales can be handed on one of two ways:1)Parents can be purchase tickets online at their convenience. You will be provided a URL or internet link for use in Pre-selling tickets. 2) If you desire, you can offer to process the ticket for those you either do not have access to the internet or have trouble navigating the web.  General sales may be held in the office or other facilities at appropriate times during the day. (Before school, recess, lunch and after school, etc.)Square Circle Productions will provide a list of families who have prepaid the evening of the show. This list may be used for admittance. You will need to set up a “Will Call” window for those who pre-paid to pick up physical tickets. Having physical tickets prevents a jam at the doors and allows everyone to enter the room in an orderly fashion. The system provided by Square Circle Productions will sell on the number of seats available. That way you will not need to worry about not having enough room. If the response is greater than that number (as it often is), it is common to schedule an additional performance (See: 2 FAMILY SHOW)Ticket pricing is simple. There is only one price for students AND adults. Large families are admitted on a “one of all” family ticket at the admission price of only four tickets. TEACHERS AND THEIR FAMILIES ARE ADMITTED FREE OF CHARGE as our guest. QualityIsPriceless-angle ExperinceTheMagicTicket


Door sales are simply in this manner (If there is space available) Door sales begin thirty (30) minutes before the program’s scheduled starting time. Sales should all take place at one table outside the facility door, with someone available to make change. Available space is sold on a “First come,first-served” basis. (Doors will open fifteen minutes prior to show time)

Ticket Reference Guide

Ticket prices are designed to give maximum value and raise much-needed FUNds
Pricing is set is with Square Circle Productions LLC. This is the production company and parent of the New Magic Academy. The pricing will be set so that no one is excluded. for the show.  (Priced much less than a first-run movie and that’s not even LIVE ENTERTAINMENT!!!)Teachers and their families are always complimentary If you are aware of special needs, please let us know. We do not what anyone to miss out because of expenses. 

Collecting Tickets

Prices for all pre-sale tickets are collected online. That way you do not need to worry about change or losing tickets. You are provided a sheet of pre-sold tickets. Each ticket buyer comes to your will-call table and gives their name. You hand them the appropriate number of tickets.You then collect Presold and “At the Door” tickets as they enter the show.Final instructions will be provided before opening the door, PLEASE, check with the performer! Doors may be opened fifteen minutes prior to “SHOW-TIME”. Tickets should be collected through ONE DOOR ONLY. FUNdraising Manual Ticket Information Announcements Time Table Multiple Show Sample Letter 1 Sample Letter 2