toolKit FUNdraising Manual Ticket Information Anouncements Time Table Multiple Shows Sample Letter 1 Sample Letter 2 THANK You for taking the time NOW to read and understand this simple outline. The success of your event depends on it! The “JD Stewart MD (magic dude) Experience the Magic” show is the more unique presentation available to organizations and schools such as yours anywhere in the United States. The information in this packet has been carefully designed to assist you to gain MAXIMUM BENEFIT from this program. This packet is a tool for you to use as a series of “short-cuts” that will stretch a small amount of effort and resources (about an average of only four hours and some simple copies), to gain maximum effect and impact! Very little time is required on your part and our mutual success depends on that involvement. Following this outline will assure an overwhelming response to both the assembly and family night presentations. The following guidelines and offerings have been developed through over twenty-five years of practical promotional and performance experience and it works consistently in every example. The entire plan, properly followed and implemented, guarantees a “FULL HOUSE” full of happy satisfied people for the family enrichment program, and more importantly, MONEY in your pocket! NOTE: These materials have been designed to promote the “Family Enrichment Night.” The Daytime Assembly Program doesn’t need any promotion.