Sean Ridgway July 7

Sean Ridgeway is a multi-award-winning entertainer who has brought his unique blend of comedy and magic to thousands of audiences nationwide. His one-man show, “Catch Me If You Can”, has garnered rave reviews from colleges, cruise ships, comedy clubs, companies and theaters across the country.

Sean started magic at age 10, and began performing professionally only a few years later. He spent his college years honing his craft and comedic timing in theaters and comedy clubs, then started designing his own original material soon after. Along the way, he also picked up ventriloquism and pickpocketing. When not performing, he creates magic tricks for other magicians, lectures and does consulting work.

Sean has competed in FISM (the world championships of magic) and has been featured on season 7 of America’s Got Talent and season 10 of Penn and Teller: Fool Us. In 2023, he also completed a 365 Days of Magic challenge on YouTube, where he uploaded an original creation every single day for the entire year.

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