Preschool Programs

Here’s A Super-Smart Plan To New Engaging and Affordable Content

  • Helps You: provides engaging content that supports your teachers
  • Gets You: time, happy students, and happy teachers
  • Makes it easy to: have a unique and fun activity both teachers and students enjoy
  • Gives You: have an inexpensive in-house field trip
  • Flexible: you can mix and match re-recorded virtual and live programs.
  • Eliminates: problems with transportation and coordination vendors and staff
  • The Secret: providing fun exciting activities both your staff and students love
  • Effortlessly: provide fun and educational programs
  • Quickly: provide a program your students and their parents will look forward to for weeks
  • Helps you escape: having bored children complaining they don’t like school
  • Discover: the easiest way to provide fund exciting program
  • Stop Worrying: You won’t have unattentive children. They all love to participate.

Choose From 6 Programs Or Choose them All and Save

  1. Happy Teeth
  2. Stranger Danger
  3. Balloon Workshop
  4. Build Tomorrow (Character Building Program)
  5. Science is Magic
  6. Just for Fun

Special Message For Preschool Directors

Here is a special message for all Preschool directors who needs to have a program that everyone enjoys, reasonably priced, and breaks the monotony of routine.

Hi, my name is JD Stewart MD (magic dude). I run the New Magic Academy. And if you want to succeed with Edutainment, then pay very close attention.

Many Preschool directors suffer from the idea their problems are things outside their control. They are things like the economy or the time of year.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

And if you’re a preschool director who what a successful program that doesn’t break the bank … then THIS is exactly what you’re looking for.

I’d like to introduce you to Magical Edutainment Programs for PreSchools which helps you with educational content that is fun educational, easy, and cost-effective

Magical Edutainment Programs for Preschools makes it simple for you to have:

  • Cool a new program you can start have today.
  • A program everyone loves and requires no training
  • Choose for programs and delivery method/ Mix and match live, virtual, and/or pre-recorded
  • Choose from a wide range of topics that appeal to a wide range of age groups
  • Programs students and teachers look forward to having.

… and much Much more!

And what makes this even better?

Now you never have to worry about the fact high turn over in staff and students again!

This also means you’re not stuck feeling like You don’t have time for the fun parts of your school.

And best of all.. you can start seeing results with Magical Edutainment Programs for PreSchools today. And it costs less than the price of a nice dinner out per program

So again if your a preschool director who what a successful program that doesn’t break the bank understand this.

As the program builds you can influence the direction and content of future programs

With the Magical Edutainment Programs, you can use use the program how it fits your schedule. Coordination problems disappear.

It is cost-effective. No other program can provide this mixture of pre-recorded, virtual, and live

Contact me today to claim your copy

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