School Assembly Show Prices & Discounts

Show prices for the 2014/2015 season of New Magic Academy School Assembly Shows!

The Shows 1 Performance
Additional Performance*
(scheduled back-to-back)
Magic is Science (Science Show) $500.00 + 175.00
Super Dude (Environmental Show) $500.00 + $175.00
Tex Booker (Reading Show) $500.00 + $175.00
Holiday Program $395.00 + $150.00
Balloon Twisting Workshop includes balloons for 100 kids over 100 kid $5 per student. $395.00 + $245.00

*Additional performance must be of the same show, booked in the same 1/2 day (a.m. or p.m.), i.e. 9a.m. & 10a.m. or 1p.m. & 2p.m. Call set the times based on class & lunch schedules.

STOP! Don’t pay full price.

1. Repeat Customer Discount: Take an instant discount of $25 off one show if the New Magic Academy has performed at your school in the past 5 years. Call for your show history.

2. Buddy Package Discount: Recommend the New Magic Academy’s show to another school in your district. If they book the show, you take another $25 off the price.

3. Save $225 Total Off Any Package: Choose any three shows, schedule them for the same school year and save $225 off your third show. Better yet, schedule two shows in the same school year at our full website pricing and save $100 off the second performance.

4. Block Booking Discounts of $100: Help to schedule one other school in your district. We will take $100.00 off each school’s price when we spend the whole day in your town.

Call  (512) 468-0011 to schedule your shows.


It’s that easy. You can call the Council’s office at (517) 372-7770 for additional help and more information.