Tex Booker Reading School Assembly Show

Reading Assembly School Show

This is it. a reading assembly show that is actually about reading and language arts. Not only that it is a lot of fun, too! This is not another thinly disguised magic or puppet show that briefly mentions books.

The Tex Booker reading assembly show program is a highly energy, motivational program. During the zany 40-minute reading safari, Tex Booker, helps students discover that reading leads to many rewards.

Tex Booker, a lovable ol’ cow poke, knows how to spin a yawn.

The children learn how to make creative stories. In fact with Tex’s help child work together to make completely unique story. You never know what happen and neither does Tex until it is all done. make up great creative stories stories during the program learn Tex shares how to create stories using the story spine.

Tex Booker

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JD Stewart MD (magic dude) captures your students’ imagination with a magical performance that will have them laughing and screaming with delight. But more importantly gets them excited about reading.

Reading is magical and JD Stewart, a professional, nationally known magician presents that to your students.