Weekend Kelvin Trinh

  • By jds
  • November 9, 2020 2:16 pm



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In this DVD, you will learn 8 card tricks and sleights from Kelvin Trinh.
No gimmick required. All you need is a normal deck of cards.

* Turn Flip – A new move which you can use for change, control, or vanish effect

* Shield – A move in which you can take the spectator’s card out with one hand, you can also use it as a card production technique

* Snaf Production – An instant 4 Aces production

* Repop II & III – 2 routines of Repop – A visual card pop out effect

* Overnish – A sleight which you can make 2 Queens vanish and reappear

* A-Line – You can make a card balance like a “magnet effect”

* TE Fly – Make the spectator’s card fly out from the deck with a rubber band

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