No Bully Zone

An Anti-Bullying School Assembly

Students Never Forget!

Tragic stories of bullying are all over the news. Unfortunately bullying is epidemic and out of control!

According to the Department of Education 1 out of 3 kids are regularly bullying victims.

Bullying effect your school and your kids. Kids who are bullied score lower on standardized tests. They suffer consequences of bullying the rest of their lives.

We can not allow bullying to Your student’s future is at risk! We can’t let bullying take it away from them!

Fortunately you already know this stuff. That’s why you’re here!

You want to make sure bullying doesn’t happen in your school!

The problem is getting kids to listen! Most anti-bullying assemblies preach at the kids. It doesn’t work. They raise their defenses and ignore the message.

We Take a Different Approach to Bullying Education!

According to neuroscientists, the parts of the brain we use to make decisions are the same parts that drive our emotions.

Learning theory experts believe that emotions are the metadata to learning. Our ability to learn is directly influenced by the emotions we feel.

In other words, sticking your hand on a hot burner is a much more effective learning experience than being lectured about stove safety!

A moment of emotionally intense learning is better than a thousand lectures!

That’s Why We Designed the EGGstraordinary
Anti-Bullying Magic Show to Be FUN!

Your kids will learn how to identify bullying behavior and take a stand against it!

The star of the show is Gus the Rubber Chicken! Throughout the show he does all kinds of incredible magic stunts!

  • Gus catches a selected card in his mouth!
  • Gus lays invisible eggs! (They later become visible!)
  • Gus survives a magical invention that’s supposed to give him a bath, but almost turns him into dinner!

Gus is also the target of bullying. People call him names and say mean things about him on Facebook! One person even beat him up!

Your students will fall in love with Gus. Through his story they’ll learn about bullying behavior in a relational context.

This Multi-sensory Experience Engages Kids Like Nothing Else! They Forget They’re Learning!

The “EGGstraordinary” Anti-Bullying Assembly is a multi-sensory experience. This is a proven, highly effective learning approach.

Through magic, humor, storytelling, and audience interaction your students will receive a message that lasts a lifetime!

Your students will be the edge of their seats! Their defenses drop and their ears open. We use this opportunity to share a message they’ll remember forever!

Hurry! Gus’s Calendar Fills Fast!

I don’t want your students to miss out on this incredible assembly. Please don’t wait until the last second or your date will be booked!

To invite Gus the Rubber Chicken to your school, scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out the form! We’ll be in touch soon!

Thanks so much! I cant wait to speak with you!

P.S. I forgot to mention! We have magic fundraising options available! You could get your assembly at a reduced price or even FREE! Ask us for more details…