Lecture Opportunity

Sell And Teach Magic To More People In 2 Hours Than You Ever Have Before

Has this ever happened to you:

  • You show up to a lecture where you were promised a large turnout and 2 people show up.
  • The lecture sponsor promised they would fill the room. But they fail to tell you the room they were filling was a broom closet
  • You spend more on meals and gas than you made at the lecture.

I know it has

Imagine This

  • Being put in front of nearly 2000 magicians
  • Having a guaranteed number of magicians at your lecture
  • Having a room full of magicians who love to buy magic, your magic
  • Lecturing up 500 magicians who love to buy magic
  • Being able to lecture to up to 500 magicians at one time and not have it affect your performance gigs.
  • The extra money you could make if you didn’t spend all that windshield time

Well, you don’t have to imagine. You can make it a reality.

Screenshot of past lecturers


Lecturers get Free Advertising in Imagine Magizine

Make more money in two hours than you have at any other lecture.

  • What would it be worth to you if you had a guaranteed number in your attendance? No more 2 person lectures.
  • What would it be worth to you if you could lecture in a room size of 500?
  • What would it be worth to you to have an opportunity to present to nearly 2000 magicians at one time?
  • What would it be worth to lecture to up to 500 magicians with NO out-of-pocket expenses?

The New Magic Academy has the solution

The New Magic Academy Lecture GUARANTEE

That’s right GUARANTEE. Your name is in front of thousands of magicians. The opportunity to lecture to more magic-buying magicians than attend a lot of conventions.

If you have a quality lecture you may qualify for the New Magic Academy Lecture Guarantee

Book a short 15-minute appointment to find out more and see if you qualify to be a New Magic Academy Lecturer

Some of our past lecturers

A Few Testimonials

Wow, that was so much fun today! I had a blast and the boys are spending like crazy on my merchandise! Thank you so much for everything you do JD. – John Carey

I had a great experience with JD Stewart’s Academy of Magic. There was a huge turnout of around 150 folks. As I taught numerous effects the crowd was very receptive and asked insightful questions. The orders flooded in after and I’m still receiving compliments. Thank you JD for your forum and the opportunity. -Diamond Jim Tyler

Hey JD. Thanks for having me! I had a great time. You were a great host and made me feel very welcome right from the start. I have already made many sales and it’s only been 5 minutes since I finished the lecture. That is great! – Nikolas Mavresis

“JD was an absolute breeze to work with. He had an amazing group of over 200 attendees. Hands down one of the easiest online lectures I’ve done.” – Adam Wilber

“It was a pleasure to present my lecture online with JD Stewart and the New Magic Academy. His promotional effort brought in a big crowd, and a responsive, appreciative group. I have received numerous messages from people expressing their thanks, and asking great follow-up questions. It was a good opportunity to grow my following, gain subscribers, and earn some lecture sales as well.” – Ryan Pilling

“I had the pleasure of working with JD Stewart on a virtual lecture. My lecture topic was Speak With Your Magic which is not the usual teach a trick lecture. Even still Mr. Stewart booked the lecture and promoted Speak With your Magic to his members. His whole process was seamless and professional. I loved working with JD Stewart and would highly recommend the service he offers because it’s a true win-win situation for everyone involved.” – Eric Anderson