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The New Magic Academy provides magical programs for kids that are fun full and action-packed. Our magic programs are geared for elementary school-aged children – great with learning built right in.

Our efforts help kids learn social skills, science and a love for reading…magic all through the wonder of magic!

Come on into the Academy and find out more about our exciting programs,

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FUNdraising Magic

Raise Money for a Good Cause

Our goal – $1,000,000

Does your non-profit need money? Does your non-profit or school need a new AC unit, books, or computers? Does your church need money for relief supplies, missions trip or transportation? Does your school need money before they can take that field trip? It could be the children in your area may need after-school care. New Magic Academy’s FUNdraising to the rescue. 

This is more than a magic show that raises money. This is a complete fundraising system.

Raising money with car washes is a lot of fun (yeah right). You get to spend a day in the sun. Then you walk away with only a few hundred dollars and a bad sunburn. Oh, the joy of it all. There are alternatives. What about those bake sales? You beg people to donate a pie or cake. Then you hope they buy it back. Everyone loves you for that. How about carnivals? Oh yeah, those are not much effort. You only need to line up people to man booths all day. You have to get the prizes and coordinate lots of volunteers. Oh and don’t forget setup and teardown. Carnivals are easy. Not so much. 

New Magic Academy has set a goal to raise $1,000,000.00 (One Million Dollars) for schools and non-profits. And we need some help. We need your organization to be one of the recipients of our FUNdraising program to reach our goal.  Guess what! You don’t have to wash a single car or bake a single cookie! Woohoo! Go to the FUNdraising page to find out more.

How much does it cost? Nothing! Nada!

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